Monday, April 19, 2010

Feel free to contact me for patterns.

I have patterns for sale and they can be ordered via email and I accept Paypal. The Whig Rose pattern is available, as well as 7 other patterns which I will post in the near future. Patterns are $6/each, plus S&H. My email is:

Antique doll quilts and doll beds fascinate me right now. I am also in a group hosted by Barbara Brackman. The group is making/sharing improvisational quilts and scraps that are never too small to save.
Last week I made 2 doll quilts with fabrics C 1900 in pinks, reds, and blues & shirtings. I got this quilt piece on ebay, and I made a strip quilt just like this one. I just started sewing with leftover pieces from other projects and no plan in mind... I will upload a picture of the new quilts that I made soon.