Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jo Morton "Little Women's Club" quilts were finally completed, also!

Little quilts!

It was a long winter, and I have gotten a lot of things completed. These were all worked on the past two years. The doll is a Gail Wilson doll that I made. The needle book was from a Barbara Brackman class.

Updates on doll quilts

Working on projects & doll quilts

In the past two years, I have been busy creating quilts and patterns that reflect the past. I am pleased to announce that one quilt is being published by Primitive Quilts and Projects later this year. Other than that, I work on Jo Morton "Little Women's Club". I will be working on a book of my patterns, soon. I hope you enjoy some photos of larger projects and a baby quilt that I have been working on. The rail fence quilt ended up 120" x 120" for our king size bed. It is huge!!!